How To Save Money On Move Day

One of the easiest ways to save money on your next move is to do the packing before your move.  The packing up of your belongings is time consuming and most moving companies charge by the hour.  If you are doing the packing,  we suggest any item smaller than a football be placed into a box as it takes up a lot of time for us to have to place many smaller items into the truck.  We also recommend having all of your boxes sealed. Sealed boxes allow the movers to move your belongs safely and we are able to more tightly load a truck or storage unit, thus saving you time and money.

Rock’s Moving Company will be more than happy to provide packing services for you.  After having a conversation with you about your move, we will be able to determine whether we can pack and move your belongings on the same day of the move, or if we need to pack one day and move you on a different day (normally the following day).  In the event that Rock’s Moving Company does the packing for you, we will bring all of the necessary materials needed to safely pack up your belongings.  Upon the completion of your move we will tally up a list of materials we used and charge accordingly.

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