Packing Service:

Packing Service:

Our movers are trained to pack all of your small items into boxes.  There is an art to packing boxes.  If you are not comfortable with your packing skills, we would be more than happy to do the packing for you.  We would bring a variety of boxes and packing supplies to your home.  You would be charged for whatever materials are used plus for the time.

We charge by the hour and packing can be time consuming. We charge the same hourly rates for packing as we do for moving.   If you are looking to save money you will want to do as much packing as you can on your own.

If we do all the packing it normally doubles the price of the move.   A $500 move can easily turn into a $1,000 move by the time you factor in the cost of boxes and packing materials.  Obviously this isn’t the case if we are only packing a room or two.

On larger moves (3 or more bedroom homes), we usually would need to come out the day before the moving to pack the boxes.

No matter what moving company you use – remove your valuables before any packing and/or  moving begins.  Cash, jewelry, medications, firearms, important documents, etc. should all be secured.  You have enough to worry about on move day without worrying about these types of items.