Pricing for Rock’s Moving

Our hourly rates are extremely competitive.  You can find our current hourly rates by filling out an estimate form and receiving an estimate.  This can be done anonymously.  The hourly rate is an important factor to consider.  However, it certainly is not the only factor. Many companies don’t intend to be around forever and as a result they are out to make as much money as they can in as short a time period as possible.  Many owners tell their movers,  “you only have one small move today so make it last as long as possible.”

We find this morally reprehensible. Our philosophy is different than many companies because we intend to be around forever.   We believe a happy customer is going to use us repeatedly and refer us to their friends.  This belief has certainly paid off for us, as we are often so busy that we have to turn work down. Countless customers have told us that we literally did the move twice as quickly as the last company.  Our men are encouraged to do so.