Rock’s Moving has developed a working relationship with a company called X Marks the Spot Portable Storage. This has allowed us to reduce the price of your move significantly.


Normally a moving company must undergo the following steps to move you into storage:
1. Load your belongings onto a truck.
2. Drive to a storage warehouse.
3. Unload the truck.
4. Pack the storage unit.


By working with X Marks the Spot we have reduced this to one step. All we do is load the storage unit and we are done.


We bought some flatbed trucks and had them customized so that we can temporarily fasten the unit to our trucks for transport. (See picture)


We bring the storage unit to your house and load it right then and there. You lock it with a padlock. That’s it. The move is over and you just saved a lot of money on your move. Plus your belongings are handled far less often, which is much safer for your furniture.


And in case you were wondering, X Marks the Spot has some heavy machinery that allows them to gently move full storage units from our trucks into their warehouses WITHOUT TILTING THEM.


For additional information about X Marks the Spot, please give us a call and we can answer any questions you might have. Or visit their website at